Technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry. It’s estimated that within the next five to seven years, the top 30% of all agents will capture 70% of real estate transactions.

What is an iDisplay?

iDisplay digital signage is the most affordable way to advertise and enhance your business. We provide the technology and service to enable you to attract customers to your Services/Products. iDisplay screens are comprised of high definition 23 to 40 inch LCD screens. The digital screen elegantly and professionally display your messages to a captivated audience.

What will iDisplay do for me?

Most businesses are looking for more steady avenues to reach out to a greater percentage of the market share. Promotional posters and printed signs no longer attract the attention they once did. In fact according to an IBM survey, customers are ten times more likely to notice dynamic media, like digital signage over more traditional print media. A cost effective medium that will save you time and money at 1/14th cost of print advertising.

How long will my Digital Ad run for?

Depending on the ad you choose your digital static ad will be on for 10 seconds and the motion enhanced or flash movie will on for 15 seconds. That adds up to the following:

  • Your add will be on every 5 minutes.
  • 12 times per hour during store hours.
  • 180 times a day.
  • 1260 times a week.
  • Over 5000 times a month.
  • 65000 times a year
How much time are customers captivated by the screens?

iDisplay screens are always set up wherever there is a captive audience and people are waiting for services or products. We choose high volume venues such as local stores, popular coffee shops and medical/dentistry offices. Statistically the wait time customers have at a convenience store is 3 to 5 minutes . At local coffee shops customers can be present from 10 minutes to over one hour and the wait time in a medical waiting room is 44 minutes or higher. During this time is when your potential customers are looking at your Ad.

Why would people look at an iDisplay signage.

Because it captivates them. Our screens are vibrant , bright, attractive and entertaining. Our entertainment scripts are comprised of 10 second spots with a mix of family entertainment being thoughts of the day, health quotes, jokes and Canadian Facts with advertisers interspersed.

Who is going to see my ad?

We provide screens at a variety of locations to meet all demographic needs.

What is the artwork requirement for my ads?

Once you have decided to use iDisplay digital signage for your business you just need to simply submit your artwork in Jpeg format 1080x1920 pixels @ 721pi. These specifications are for best results. If you do not have digital artwork our Custom Graphic Digital Ads can be built in house by our experts. We take the instructions from you and the graphic department builds the Ad, emails it directly to you for changes and final approval before it is implemented up on the screens. Once the AD is up and running, you can make periodic changes to the ad throughout the year for a small graphic change fee.

How does it all come together?

Our cutoff for ads each month is on the 20th. We must have the ads into the office by that date so they can be built, approved and thus implemented up on the screens by the end of the month. We just need about 20 minutes together for an info session and then we will go work for you.

Can I use Digital Signage exclusively for my business?

Yes we can customize these screens for your business only, showcasing your products and services. The screens are all managed through our online partner portal. You can have the screens mounted in their attractive kiosks or they can be wall mounted in the location of your choice. We can easily program them with your story, promotions, products and services. Our screens can be used in pro shops, lobbies, conventions, trade shows, dealerships, medical waiting rooms etc. You can contact us for more information

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